Goodbye, Organized Home

Today, I'm completing my retirement with the closing of web site, and Christmas sites and

For almost 25 years, it's been my privilege host a cozy corner on the Internet, devoted to better home organization and management.

Not that this was planned! When I sat down in January, 1998 to write a little personal home page, I couldn't spell HTML. I had no idea that within 9 months, that site would win the USA Hotsite Award--or that I'd have to learn how to run a high-traffic Web site from the ground up.

As the century dawned, brought amazing opportunities in its wake. In the coming years, I'd appear on national television, publish a couple of books, and launch other Web venues.  

Now, it's time to retire from Web publishing and move to new challenges.  A new marriage, growing family and community activities keep me busy, and it's time for a quieter life.

To that end, I'm bringing the network to a last happy conclusion.  I have loved every minute--and each one of you--along an amazing journey.

My readers and friends, I wish you all the best ... and may you get organized!

Cynthia Ewer Lewis