Goodbye, Organized Home

Today, I'm announcing my retirement and the closing of web site

For the past 21 years, it's been my privilege host a cozy corner on the Internet, devoted to better home organization and management.

Not that this was planned! When I sat down in January, 1998 to write a little personal home page, I couldn't spell HTML. I had no idea that within 9 months, that site would win the USA Hotsite Award--or that I'd have to learn how to run a high-traffic Web site from the ground up.

As the century dawned, this little hobby site brought amazing opportunities in its wake. In the coming years, I'd appear on national television, publish a couple of books, and launch other Web venues like sister holiday planning site Organized Christmas.

While I tried not to let it show, this enterprise has been a one-woman operation; I write the content, develop the Web site front end, and serve as systems administrator to publish the site to the Internet.

After 21 years, it's time to retire from Web publishing and move to a new phase of life. To that end, I'm bringing to a quiet and happy conclusion.  I have loved every minute--and each one of you--along an amazing journey.

My readers and friends, I wish you all the best ... and may you get organized!

Cynthia Ewer

Hello, World

It's the sysadmin's first sign of life:  a "Hello, World" message beamed out to confirm that a Web installation is up, running and ready to face the world.

Yeah, right.

Nonetheless, here I am.