Get O* . . . with the CEO
*Get Organized, that is! 

Disorganized?  You know the landscape. Scattered papers. The laundry mountain. Cluttered counters and piled-up dishes. Happy Meal toys that reproduce in secret corners and colonize every square foot of floor space.  

Your cry rings throughout the house:  

"I've Got to Get Organized!"  

In This Issue: 
Clutter Busting:  CEO Takes Aim At Clutter!
   CEO's Virtual Declutter Journal - with Before and After Photos! 
    Follow CEO as she bares all . . . closets, cupboards and drawers, that is!  CEO takes on her own domestic clutter, one rathole at a time--and you're welcome to ride along via the Virtual Declutter Journal. 
  CEO Reviews Spring Cleaning for the Soul by Joy Krause  
    Need a lift?  Joy Krause's inspirational stories may be just the answer.  Joy cleaned other people's homes for over 20 years--and learned lots of life's lessons along the way.   
  Ask CEO:  Declutter or Clean First? 
    CEO takes on the perennial chicken-and-egg question:  Should I declutter or clean first?  Share your ideas with TalkBack! 
  Get a Move On!  CEO on The Great Moving Adventure! 
    Back by popular request, and just in time for the Spring moving season, it's CEO on moving.  Check in here for tips, strategies and just plain prejudices as CEO takes on the Great American Moving Adventure. 
  The Clutter Hall of Shame - Your "Before" Photos  
    Don't let CEO suffer alone!  Submit your scanned photos to the Clutter Hall of Shame, a photo gallery of real-life, real-home clutter.  Names will be changed to protect the innocent! 
  Get O* Book Bargains - The Books Express Bookstore 
    New at CEO's Bookstore:  it's discount bookseller Books Express!  Order direct from Books Express for savings of up to 80% on your favorite Get O* books. 
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